• SentryCon

    Container Security

    SentryCon has been developed specifically for monitoring and protection of shipping containers while in transit, as well as temporarily placed at sites. It is based on GPS technology and GPRS mobile network. The device includes advanced tracking capabilities and integrates sensors to detect door opening, light and movement inside the container.


    Its unique, patent-pending design enables the device to be installed on the outside of container’s doors yet capable of monitoring light and movement inside the container. This is necessary as once the containers have been Customs sealed at departure location they may not be allowed to be opened until reaching overseas destination. SentryCon is designed to be easily removed once reached shipping ports, without opening the doors.


    The device provides protection through monitoring the container’s in real time. It offers unique features for:




  • Tracking Service


    VTrack1/VTrackCon Tracking Service 
    A GPS-based tracking system includes tracking devices (trackers) installed in the vehicles or assets needed tracking, and a tracking software, integrating digital maps, running on a server.
    The software does not only display location of the trackers but also provide management features so users can control the devices, setting parameters such as geo-fences, alarm conditions, and producing reports based on users' interests.
    Different organizations are likely to have different needs for tracking and management of their assets, as well as quantity of their managed asset. For some organizations it may be economically unfeasible to set up own server and software system, as it would require not only larger initial investment of hardware, software, implementation effort, but also on-going investment in technical skills to operate, maintain and upgrade the systems as needs arise.


Global Positioning System or GPS has been well adopted almost ubiquitously in not only industries but also in everyday life. It’s many applications have helped to enhance productivity, efficiency for enterprises and enrich experience and safety for individuals. We have come to depend on it in many aspects of modern life.

Vien Tin He (ACIS) has embraced this technology with great enthusiasm and is always looking for ways and applications to bring the benefit of this technology to everyone. With our mandate of keeping abreast of the technology, its industry and applications around the globe, We are confident and eager to bring its benefits to our clients!

Talk to us to explore how GPS applications can benefit you in business and personal safety.


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